How to deal with sugar addiction

In my previous post I wrote about sugar addiction. Yes, it’s a real thing and if you have a persistent sweet tooth, sugar cravings or you’re bingeing on sugar several times a week, there’s a big chance that you’re a sugar addict. The first step is to recognize that you are indeed a sugar addict. Now, what can we do to deal with this problem? Here’s some tips!

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Moroccan couscous salad with chickpeas and rucola


I just wanted to share this recipe for a beautiful Moroccan couscous salad, with chickpeas and rucola. Healthy, filling and great with flatbread or pita and a light soup to keep you warm in the winter. Definitely makes me think of warmer times due to it’s North African/Middle Eastern influences. Read More

How to eat hummus like a pro. Wait…what? Is that healthy?

For the past three years, I have been living in Israel. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Israelis, is that they love their hummus. The average Israeli eats 8-10 kg (18-22 pounds) of hummus each year! I don’t consider myself an Israeli yet, but here in the country, I do enjoy a hummus for lunch with friends in the weekend. And I take a nap afterwards, if possible. I just love the small hummus places in the Yemenite quarter of Tel Aviv (Keren Hatemanim). Read More