How to not eat too much and avoid weight gain during Christmas

It’s Christmas! The happy holidays that are all about being with family, friends and food, lots of food. You are probably familiar with that feeling where you crash into the couch with a belly so full of food it hurts and not being able to get up anymore or move your limbs for even a few inches. Above that you feel bad about the weight gain that certainly comes with a few days of indulging in all foods you can get your hands on. Not this year! Read More

How to deal with sugar addiction

In my previous post I wrote about sugar addiction. Yes, it’s a real thing and if you have a persistent sweet tooth, sugar cravings or you’re bingeing on sugar several times a week, there’s a big chance that you’re a sugar addict. The first step is to recognize that you are indeed a sugar addict. Now, what can we do to deal with this problem? Here’s some tips!

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10 amazing health benefits of drinking coffee

I absolutely love coffee. It’s not even so much about the caffeine boost. I crave the smell of a freshly brewed coffee, especially in the morning. Coffee is the world most famous beverage with over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed every year. Coffee is derived from coffee beans which are roasted, ground or dissolved in water. The main component of coffee is caffeine. Other compounds found in coffee are carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals (see also A normal cup of black coffee only contains about 2 calories. Read More